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My name is Thorhallur Maack and I have been working as a computer system engineer all my life. Now I am over 60 and for the last 10 years or so I have been involved with Internet Marketing.

I must say there is a lot of scams out there. Many of the Get Rich Quick programs are nothing but a scam.

But you can find decent programs online.

I myself have been a victim of Scam but I have always learned something from it. I have not been ripped off but I have joined programs that did not fulfil their promises at all.

On this website I will review a number of these programs and I would like to hear from you if you have been a victim also.

My hobbies are traveling, photography, playing golf and Internet Marketing. I have traveled to many countries in Europe and I have also visit U.S.A. many times. Back in 1968 I was an exchange student in Pennsylvania, and I have many good memories from my stay.

I have been taking pictures all my life and increasingly since everything went digital. It is so much easier and gives so much freedom in creating better pictures.

Golf is a passion to me and I use every opportunity I have to play golf.

When I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate I understood I needed to learn all about Internet Marketing from the beginning. I went through their training step by step and I am on my way to success. This is the best Internet Marketing training available.

Have a look at my profile at Wealthy Affiliate

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My primary language is Icelandic. Please bear with me if my text is not in perfect English.  It would be nice to tell me if something is terrible wrong.

I just resetly published a new site. Please have a look at it.

If any of you would like to contact me please do not hesitate to send me email at thorhallur@howtoavoidscam.com or leave a comment below.



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  1. Hi Thorhallur,

    Thank you for your wonderful, informative website. You have potentially just saved me a lot of money from these scams in which can really ruin peoples lives. A very informative well put together website.

    Thank you I will be back for another visit.


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