Computer Security – Four simple steps

My computers have never been affected with viruses or malicious software because I follow four simple steps in order to keep my computers clean.

Maybe I am lucky or maybe I am doing what needs to be done to avoid infection.

First of all, be careful, always. Use your common sense. Don‘t beleave anything you don‘t understand.  What seems to be to good to be true is propobly not true. Look arround you and find more information on it before you make your desicion.

I have used these four simple steps I am about to share with you and so far I have not been affected.

In order to keep your computer clean from  viruses and malicious software  you need to follow theses four simple steps.


Step #1 – Install Operating System Security Updates

It does not matter what operating system you are using. It is written by a human and humans are not perfect and they make flaws, bugs and other things that are useful for those how write viruses and malware programs.

Therefor it is critical to install the latest security updates for your operating system from Operating System providers (Microsoft, Appel or Linux). They are constanly trying to fix their issues and correcting their errors.

If you are an appel user you probably think MAC‘s don‘t have any security issues but you need to think again. Back in 2008 Appel told Mac users to get anti-virus programs to protect their computers. You can read about it here

stepsStep #2 – Install Application Security Updates

The same goes for all software you install on your computer.  It is written by humans and it is with flaws the moment it is written and the day you install it is the day your computer is that much less secure.

Small software companies don‘t have the huge security budgets Operating System Software companies have so it‘s not uncommon for „security“ to be left out entierly.

The hackers know this so rather than trying to break the big Operationg System companies they are targeting the software on you r computer.

Make sure you are running the lates version and install the latest Application security updates as soon as they are available.


stepsStep #3 – Install a quality Anti-Virus Application

With all the high quality FREE anti-virus applications availabel for most Operating Systems, you have no excuse to have no Anti-Virus program on your computer.

If you are runnig Microsoft Operating system I recomend you  use Microsoft free Anti-Virus cliant. If you are not a Microsoft fan you can take a look at this and grab the one that you like.

If you are a Mac user have a look at it here

stepsStep #4 – Keep your Anti-Virus App. updated with the latest virus signatures / definitions

New Viruses or malicious software is created and spread around the internet daily.

In order to combat this Anti-Virus companies update their software on a daily bases. It depends on the Anti-Virus companies what these updates are called.  Some of them call it Signatures others call it Definitions and even some just call it updates.

But you need to make sure the settings in your Anti-Virus progams is set to update daily or hourly in order to protect your computer.

I hope this helps you to keep your computer clean.

Please do not hesitate to leave a question or comment below.

Thorhallur Maack

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