Mobile Phone scam hits students across the UK

Smart phone users

The University students across the Country have been offered cash if they register for a personal phone contracts. The students will receive a high value smart phone with a network contract and then they send on the phone and the SIM card to a private company for as much as £50.00 and then earn monthly income from the phone usage.

It looks like easy money but what they do not realize is the fact that they are responsible for the original contract for the phone not the new user.

For a student with no business experience this sounds like a very good business but it is not.

Some students have sent off five or six phones and have ended up with a debt of £ 500 or more.

The National Mobile Crime Unit is trying to work out how widespread the scam is. They say there may well be thousands of cases which have not yet been reported.

They urge students that have been affected by this scam to come forward to assist the investigation and prevent this happening to anyone else.

For a student, 18 or 19 years old, an opportunity to generate income does look attractive.

Students are being advised not to give away personal details, and to look at their credit ratings to see if any changes have occurred.

You can never bee to careful.

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