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I have a Netflix account and I am using my personal email address as an username.

I just received the following email in my company mailbox.



I suspected it to be a fishing email because I never use my company email for personal use.

In the email there is a link saying Click here to verify your account. This link can be very dangerous if you click it. It could be opening a door to your computer for a virus or small program that opens access to your computer and data. This little program can ramsome your data. And here you can read more about ransomware.

I decided to contact Netflix and ask them if they sent me this email. On their web page, after you sign in with you username and password you can start a live chat.

And this is our chat

Netflix conversation


As you can see, I asked them if they sent me this email and they think it could be a phishing email. If you do not know what phishing email is you can read more about it here.

They asked me if I was willing to help other Netflix customers by forwarding this email to which I did.

He also told me they would send me information to help me keep my Netflix account secured.

The email I received looks like original Netflix email. With their logo and the sending email is It is no wonder a lot of people just click on the link and fall for this scam.

We can never be too careful. What drew my attention was the fact I got this email in my company mailbox and I knew it was not my Netflix account.

If some of you have a similar story it would benefit us all if you would share it here below.

Be careful out there.

Best regards,



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