Ransomware – Is your data safe?

You know what kidnapping means, don‘t you? That means someone takes another person and demands ransom for their release. Else they often threaten to kill the individual.

This has now been escalated to another level. Now you data on your computer can be locked so you cannot open your files unless you pay someone a ransom to release your data.

And how does that happened. The most common way is that you get an email with a link in it. This link takes you to some website and that website sends a small program to your computer. This small program takes your data hostage and you are not able to use it unless you pay the criminal some money. If you are not willing to pay they can destroy your data. This is what is called ransomware.

You have no guaranty you will get back your data even if you pay the ransom.

The link in the email you receive can be a picture, a mp3 music file, a YouTube file or a zip file. It often looks like it is from a legit company but is not.

The only way to avoid this is to be extra careful not to click on a link from someone unless you know for sure is a safe sender.

The same goes for downloading a program only from a company you can trust.

This is also a clear warning to back up you data regularly to minimize the risk.

Be careful on the internet.

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Thorhallur Maack

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