Ransomware virus on Facebook locks your data.

The new virus is spreading rapidly on Facebook in the Scandinavian countries.

The virus is not obvious but he is spreading from one Facebook user to another through private messages with a small file with the file ending .svg
If you open this file your computer will get the virus and the virus will lock your data files and you will not be able to access them anymore. It affects all type of files. Whether it is a Word document or a picture. You will not be able to access it anymore.

The virus is like a worm and it places itself in the Chrome browser as an add-in.  It will then overtake your Facebook account and send itself to all your Facebook friends with a private message.
And that is not all. The virus will then  take over your data on your computer and lock it down and you will not have  access to your data anymore.

The next step the virus does is ask you to pay ransom to unlock your data.  Usually,  you need to pay 1,5 bitcoin. If you pay you are promised that your data will be unlocked and you will get access again. But can you trust this promise?

This is probably the first time this kind of a virus is attacking Facebook users and that makes the Facebook users a good target. You need to be on an alert and never open a file with the ending .svg

But if you do open this file you need to start Chrome and remove this add-in. The add-in name is either UBO or ONE. You need to remove this add-in before it seeks the virus itself. If it is not too late.

If it is too late you need to alert your Facebook friends.

If you want to be able to access your data again you either need to pay the ransom and hope the criminals will keep their words and unlock your data.

But if you have a backup of your data you need to restore it after you have cleaned up your computer.
Please be careful.
NEVER open a file with the ending .svg
Backup your data.

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