Scam Phone Calls

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Yes Scam can be in the form of phone call. People are getting phone calls from someone who says he is calling on behalf of Microsoft and there is a Virus on your computer that needs to get fixed.

In order to get it fixed you need to go to a webpage and download a program.  Be aware this little program is the virus and it will give the scammers control of your computer. And if they can control your computer they can harm you financially.

They might get over your Id’s and password to your bank account or your Credit card. They can also observe your behaver online and sell that information to a third party. They can also steel licence keys to programs you have purchased.

Sorry to say, number of people have been fooled. There are stories of people’s computers getting other viruses after this infection and they have experienced loss of data and computer breakdowns.

The scammers are misusing Microsoft trust to break into your computer.  According to Microsoft, they never call their customers except if they have asked for it themself. And they have no way of knowing if your computer has a virus or not.

Here are two YouTube videos for you to watch.



Be careful what programs you download and from whom it is.

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