TubeLaunch Review

Is this a legit program, or another scam? Does it deliver what it claims?  Read my Tube Launce Review to find out for yourself all about this new “easy money online” program that claims to use Youtube to earn easy money.

Name:  TubeLaunch


Website: TubeLaunch

Owner: Julie Williams Price: $34 + VAT for registration

First of all TubeLaunce is a Clickbank product. This program is supposed to teach you how easy it is to make money on the internet. But it is not so simple.  It is not enough to upload videos on Youtube and make a lot of money. There is a lot more to it than that.

If you find a positive review about TubeLaunce be sure that the reviewer is not just trying to sell it to you for a quick buck.

They teach you a few tricks but they don´t teach you anything you could not find out for yourself.  And they are telling you that you will make a lot of money but that is not true at all.

It is not rocket science to upload a video to Youtube.  Mr. Google is a better teacher than TubeLaunce and does not charge you a dime.

There is a whole tutorial in there that tells you how to setup a Youtube account. Do you really need to pay for that kind of instructions? Are you sure you are ready for the internet business?

They tell you a lot about Clickbank and how it works.  We already know Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace. You don’t need a video about it.

There is another video that teaches you how to shorten links. This stuff is just straight forward and self-explanatory.  You don´t need to pay money to find this out.

They teach you to use view exchanges or traffic exchange. Please understand that view exchanges or traffic exchanges are just not worth it. That kind of traffic is not the traffic that turns into revenue. It is a zombie traffic.  No life at all. Also they are telling you how to purchase views. It is just more money you got to spend.  You need to keep in mind not to spend more than you earn.

Is TubeLaunch a scam?

I can´t say it´s a straight out SCAM, but on the sales page it says you’re going to make easy money just uploading videos.  And that is not TRUE.  That is not going to happen.  There is a lot more to it and they don´t cover it at all.

The price is one time charge of $37 and if you are a beginner and need the basic instructions you can have a closer look here.

But if you are looking for legit site where you can seek real Internet marketing training, education and support click this link.

But before you do anything.  Read more, search more.

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Best of luck.

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